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Atlantic Baptist Women are women who desire to follow Jesus and are growing in their relationship with Him.There are women's groups throughout the Atlantic Provinces who meet together each month to pray, study the Bible, to learn and participate in local and global mission opportunities. Women who lead Atlantic Baptist Women's groups are members of Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Baptist Women learn from one another through intergenerational groups, reach out with helping hands to their communities, quilt, encourage those who are involved in mission and ministry,grow in leadership abilities, discover their spiritual gifts, lead children's ministries, read books on the suggested Reading Course list, participate in short term mission trips,join together annually for interMISSION that includes worship, learning, and fellowship experiences.

Atlantic Baptist Women is part of a worldwide network.We join together with Baptist Women of Ontario & Quebec, Women in Focus, (part of the Union of Canadian Baptists of Western Canada) and the Baptist women from l'Union d'Eglises Baptistes Francaises au Canada.The leaders of these 4 organizations are the members of the Canadian Baptist Women's Committee who meet together annually.Through this committee we are able to share resources and participate in projects such as; The Great Canadian Women's Bible Study, that all Canadian Baptist women are encouraged to participate in during the month of January.  Our joint mission project, provides support for literacy programs in Rwanda, a project initiated by our CBM partner, the Association of Baptist Churches of Rwanda. We also encourage local groups to recognize those have faithfully served and supported Canadian Baptist mission by giving them a Dominion Life Membership Certificate and Pin.

Atlantic Baptist Women is one of the 17 Baptist Women's organizations who are part of the North American Baptist Women's Union which is one of the 7 unions that make up the Baptist World Alliance women's department.We share together with sisters from many cultures and countries all over the world.

Atlantic Baptist Women is involved in both local and global mission.We support Canadian Baptist Ministries who has Global Field Staff on 5 continents.We also support ministry programs and projects within the Atlantic Provinces.

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