Every Day is Thanksgiving - Gail Whalen-Dunn

When a mother asked her son to circle the day on the calender that is Thanksgiving the child began to circle each day of the calendar. The mother gently told her child that Thanksgiving was the second Sunday in October and he replied, "Mom everyday with Jesus is a day of Thanksgiving!" 

We have just celebrated our Thanksgiving Weekend and I am sure that people are still aching from eating too much turkey with all the trimmings and pumpkin pie. Thanksgiving looked a little different in our house this year as our oldest was 18 on Thanksgiving Monday and decided that he wanted ham and scallop potatoes for his birthday supper. That did not go over well with his sister who wanted turkey and stuffing. I told her that we would have a turkey dinner the following weekend and reminded her that each day with Jesus is a day of Thanksgiving. She still was not happy!!!

I know for many it was hard to count their blessings this past weekend. Many people today are stuggling with finances, there are those who recently lost a loved one and many are suffering or know someone who is suffering with health issues. We need to remember that the thanksgiving comes not in the circumstances but in knowing that God through Jesus, is in the circumstances. We do not journey alone in our suffering as the thanksgiving comes when we can rejoice in God's presence with us always. So as the memories of the weekend celebration are still fresh in our mind let us pause to remember today and each day, to thank God for Jesus as without Jesus, without the cross, there would not be a reason to be thankful. Let us rejoice in the Lord always and give thanks each day.

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